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Great Way to End 2017

One session left in the Holiday season on Saturday afternoon. A mom and her two daughters. I was stumped about what I was going to do to create something different and feeling I’d been repeating a theme the last couple of sessions. It’s always great to meet people, figure out how they are together, and try to show that in my images but what can I do that I've never done before?

The answer walked in with Rebecca and her daughters. They were looking for three individual images to have Randal Huiskens create 24 x 30 painted pieces for their living room in SE Evanston. She talked about new and old, lighting and texture; a gift.

Cool to be a part of this project, can’t wait to see which images they pick, and look forward to seeing what Randal does with them.

Here are my favorites:

Drummer Baily -

Rebecca less her Vintage Bikes -

Cat Woman Zoe -

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