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"The pictures this year were probably some of the best underclass photos we’ve had. I don’t always make a purchase but this year I did."

"Thank you and everyone at Stuart-Rodgers for being so wonderful to work with.  Whenever I would call everyone was so polite and eager to answer all of my questions.  If ever someone could not assist me they would immediately call me back.  And the photographers were awesome to work with, very unobtrusive.  Thanks again."

"Per my daughter, the photographer cared about how she ( my daughter) appeared. Photographer was very professional & knew what they were looking for to get the best image."

"Your staff was exceptional.  The follow-through was excellent and the photography was everything we wanted."

"We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us.  You were there to answer every email and call.  I felt like you were my friend rather than a photographer.  Thank you again."

"I just got a great call from a client. Her daughter is a junior in highland park and was so happy with her photos. She said that it is her favorite picture yet (her moms a photographer). The mom wanted to personally thank the photographer for taking the time out to fix her hair and adjust her necklace. She says she knows how fast and how many kids there are and to add that personal touch made all the difference and she is so grateful!"​

"I imagine that in our every-phone-has-a-camera, everyone-thinks-he's-a-photographer era, you hear from people who do not value the work of professionals because they think they can replicate it themselves for nothing.  I deeply appreciate the quality of the photographs your professionals take. I could never capture such great pictures of my child. In addition, what you print is, not surprisingly, far superior to anything I could print from a computer.  So please know that I very much respect and am grateful for the work that you do.”

“I loved the attitude the photographer took with my son. He was nervous about being there and didn't want to go. The photographer made him feel so comfortable and relaxed, afterward my son said "That wasn't bad at all. I really liked him.”

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