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It's best to pick out simple, single colors and avoid the Superman shirt.  Any logos or large patterns on a shirt will distract from the student.  Clothing should be clean and stain free. 

Neat and shiny hair looks best.  We always have mirrors and combs on-site for last minute checks but it helps to be prepared.  We do not recommend a fresh hair cut.  You should schedule your hair cut at least 10 days before Picture Day to ensure the hair grows in as you like.

Non-reflective lenses are best or we suggest checking with your optician to see if you can borrow a pair of frames without the glass for your photos.  Glass glare can be very hard to avoid in a fast, Picture Day environment and is costly to retouch.

Lastly, relax and have fun!  This is a memorable moment in your life and we want you to trust that we know what we're doing.

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