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Deluxe Session

This is our most personalized photo session, providing 20-30 minutes of time resulting in significantly more expressive and relaxed images.  From this session you can expect the greatest variety of images from looks to expressions and creative compositions we can offer.  Most importantly, the ample time will allow you to relax, enjoy your session and come away with images that truly reflect your personality and style.  This is an important moment before heading to the next stage in your life, isn’t it worth taking a bit more time to document it?

Get Up to 3 Looks!
Bring several clothing options, we can work with you to determine which looks are best.  We will also use the different locations around our studio and even go outdoors if the weather allows.  If you do not bring in different outfits, your session may take less than 30 minutes. Please note that your time includes your outfit changes so try to be efficient with your selections. 

Don't Forget Your Pets or Props!
You can also bring in special props, such as musical instruments, sports uniforms, pets or other items that reflect your unique interests and hobbies. *Pets are allowed at our studio locations only.

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