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It's natural to be nervous about getting your photo taken but we will do our best to make you feel relaxed and have fun. 


If you have any questions about the session please call our office and we would be happy to discuss your thoughts and plan ahead with you. 


Listed below are a few basic suggestions regarding clothing and session planning. We look forward to working with you!


View some of the image galleries to see what other people wore.

Avoid large prints, patterns or bold stripes that can distract the eye from the subject and draw attention.

Dress from head to toe.  We may be inspired to take some full length shots so it's better to be prepared.

Plan to wear a hair style with which you are comfortable.  Avoid new cuts or styles.

Use hair spray for fly away hairs or it can be costly to have them retouched.


Shirts should be a solid color, long sleeves are best.  Shirts that include a buttoned collar should be fastened.

Jackets should be a solid color and fit properly.

​Choose accessories with a subtle pattern.

Necklines are best when not too low or open, particularly for head shot images.​


If you have a beard or mustache, make sure it is neatly trimmed otherwise a fresh shave is a must!

Don't forget about your finger and toe nails if you plan to do more casual portraits.

​Normal makeup is fine.  Our lights do not need any extra makeup.

For more casual photos you can be more playful with your clothing styles and patterns.



For groups of 3 or more, select 1-3 colors (keeping them all solid).  One of the colors should be neutral such as tan, white, black or jeans (something everyone can incorporate in their ensemble). 

People should show their individuality while still blending with the group.

If you want everyone in a similar color, make sure they are all similar shades of the color.  If everyone is wearing light blue and someone has a navy shirt, that person will stand out.

Try to stay away from too much white.


Pants  should fit a little on the longer side. 

Undershirts should fit properly underneath sweaters.

Dresses for little girls should have flowing and billowing skirts that will cover the legs.

Hair accessories should be subtle in a solid color.

Try to avoid short collars.  They often come out of place and do not lay properly.


If you wear glasses, wear them for your portrait. 


It can be very hard to tell until you are in the studio whether your prescription will cause reflective glare. 


You can completely eliminate any potential problem by making arrangements to borrow a pair of empty frames (without lenses) in your frame style from your optician.  Glass glare is costly to remove.


We welcome pets at any of our studio locations.

If you want to get some creative photos, we recommend bringing in different props such as instruments, hats, clothing, pets, food or anything else that will allow us to get artistic and have some fun!

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